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“Music + Mayhem “

A Private Social Party Benefiting The Arts.

TIME TO PARTY FOR A GREAT CAUSE. Social activities can improve your quality of life. It reduces anxiety, stress, emotional distress, depression, fatigue, the experience of pain while improving your mood, self-image, sexual functions, enjoyment, and so much more. This social party will stream live for all of our favorite members. Join us for an exciting night filled with GREAT MUSIC, GREAT FOOD, & GREAT PEOPLE.


Proceeds will benefit campaigns targeting Art Programs in Schools.

“Love Thy Neighbor 2018”

Valentines Edition

Every year our members spend Valentines Day with the homeless community. We purchase balloons, candy, teddy bears, cards and all sorts of thoughtful gestures to make the disenfranchised feel included. WELL, we’ve extended this mission to 25 locations. Please join us as we empower our community. #LoveThyNeighbor #STARSsocialclub


Product Launch

If you’re a member of the #Founding104 then you have a vacation coming up to DISNEY WORLD. We’re so excited about our product launch and having Disney host us is the icing on the cake. Let’s take the world by storm #104! We’ve got the #juice.

Members, TAKE FLIGHT! From now until Sep. 1 STARS Social Club members can enjoy $50 off Cheap-O-Air using the promo code “AIR50”.


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