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  • February: Love Thy Neighbor Valentine’s Day Outreach Mission (Hurt Park)
    March: Love Thy Neighbor Easter Edition (Hurt Park)
    April: Love Thy Neighbor Resource Edition (Piedmont Park)
    May: Love Thy Neighbor Resource Edition (Piedmont Park)
    June:Love Thy Neighbor (Piedmont Park)
  • July: Love Thy Neighbor: Back to School Drive
    August: V Annual Yacht Party/ Love Thy Neighbor: Fundraiser
    September: Love Thy Neighbor: Voter Registration Drive
    October: Love Thy Neighbor: 
    Halloween Mission
    November: Love Thy Neighbor (Piedmont Park)
    December: Love Thy Neighbor: 5th Annual Coat Drive, Cots 4 Christmas

“Love Thy Neighbor” RESOURCE Edition

It’s our most favorite event of the month and THIS TIME, we want everyone involved. Grab your friends and get ready as we cater to our less fortunate brothers and sisters on this awesome day of LOVE.

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Getting the homeless off of the concrete.

Every month volunteers survey the streets of Atlanta feeding and clothing our homeless sisters and brothers. For some, we’re able to provide housing or needed resources to help get them off of the streets. Unfortunately, we can’t help everyone. And as a result of all the shelters in Atlanta GA. being at capacity, thousands of men, women, and children are sleeping on the cold concrete.

With your help, we can provide Cots for our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Please help with this mission and commit to leaving a donation.

Donate a Cot

Volunteers are ALWAYS needed.

This year, don’t just sit on the couch, HELP US! Lets reach even more people by joining together for the best gift on earth, the gift of #GIVING.


We’re a success story.

Being social helps families in need. For more than 4 years, STARS Social Club’s Outreach Division has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the hungry, homeless, and under-represented members of society. Our mission is to provide families with the tools and resources needed to be self sufficient.

Contribute to the future of someone in need through volunteering, partying, or giving back.

#Campaign ARMY of Love.

In 2014, STARS Social Club released a campaign to help combat suicide. It was the most powerful social media campaign to date. WE FOLLOWED HASHTAGS on Instagram around 2am targeting #suicide, #cutting, #suicidesilence, #depression and a host of other hashtags. We sent #virtualhugs, we ministered to people via DM we even give out our personal phone numbers. We teamed up with psychologists in Atlanta GA. to offer free services to those who needed extensive help. The mission is successful as suicide is 100% preventable. Mission is still in FULL SWING.


Love our Troops


Social Change Matter

In 2014, STARS Social Club launched a movement to combat police brutality via economics. We focused on justice for the under represented by spearheading economic boycotts around the nation. Where there was police brutality, there were boycotts of retailers who showed blatant discrimination. We do not tolerate discrimination, unfair treatment of humans by government entities, OR racism in any form. The boycotts were used as an effort to  sign into law, and set aside funds to require all state,county, and local police, to wear a camera. An additional march was launched in 2016 in Atlanta, GA. to combate the same issues of police brutality with over 10,000 attendees. The mission is still in FULL SWING. #AtlantaProtest  Follow the movement




LOVE THY NEIGHBOR (Outreach Mission)

Our signature Valentines Day Event is called “Love Thy Neighbor.”  This is one of our most favorite missions. Last year was powerful. This year, it was hosted in 25 locations. The smiles on our homeless brothers & sisters faces as we approached them with balloons, candy, teddy bears, cards, and lots of other Valentines Day treats was the greatest feeling. One lovely couple serenaded us to show their appreciation.

Lets keep this mission GOING STRONG. Every city, EVERY state get involved. Gather your crew, gather your crews and lets meet the homeless on the streets EVERY MONTH. We promise you will witness smiles and thankfulness that will melt your heart.



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